New this Week:

June Rohats
Betty Pinnell
Dan Stachowiak
Jo Franklin  
Wednesday Evening Suppers

Church Family Prayer* Calendar:

Monday:June Rohats
Tuesday:Raymond & Susan Reynolds
Wednesday:Norma Reigel
Thursday: Raymond Reynolds
Friday:Shae Siegrist
Saturday:Rick & Julia Herth

*You  may wish to call the person on their prayer day and tell them vou
are praying for them  and see if they have a special prayer request.

Ongoing Praver Requests:
James & Jodi McGill (in their work with "Water for All " in Malawi) Phil & Gale Fields (Bible translators working in New Guinea)
Rachel Fields (serving the Bible-less with Pioneer Bible Translators in Africa) Organizations:
Rivers of the World (Dr. Ben Mathes) Thornwell Children's Home (in Clinton, SC)
Come Alive Ministries (our local crisis pregnancy center) & Dee Toliver (Director)
Extra Special People (works with developmentally disabled children)
Wilma Minix
Pat Russell
Cliff & Judy Watrous
Dolores Bell
ALL of our military and service men and women
The underemployed and those seeking full employment

prayer hands